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Spanish language

About Argentina and "Voseo"

Why Spanish?? Por qué Español?? למה ספרדית

Why in Argentina ?? Por qué en Argentina??
למה בארגנטינה

Q: What type of Spanish do you teach?
A: I teach neutral Spanish with the explanations about “voseo ”, (difference , “Lunfardo” slang and colloquial ). If you are planning  to  travel  through  South  America you’ll be able to understand and talk to locals.

Q: How many students are in the classes?

A: Mainly one-to-one is my way. But if you’re in a small group of friends traveling together and you have the same level and goal is possible to work out it. My goal is that you'll receive personalized attention.
Q: What time are the classes?

A: Daily, or upon your request, I’m flexible in order you’ll not waste your time if you’re visiting the city and you’ll take advantage of your stay.

I’m also available on Sunday for special arrangements.
Q:  When are the classes starting?
A: At the moment you’ll arrive or if you’re in town you’ll have convenience of starting at any time.
Q:  I already learn some Spanish … or I traveled in some Spanish speakers countries… or I have a friend who speaks Spanish …I want to improve???
A: So, I’ll check your level and we’ll talk about your goal so you’ll have a tailored program.

Q: Should I buy a book?
A: I'll provide the materials. You’ll have home works sheets in order you’ll review the topics you’ll learn.


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