Study Spanish in Buenos Aires Argentina


The teacher

Ester, the Spanish teacher recommends ...
Can you give me any  tips about...

How affordable are things like food, transportation, accommodation's ...?

All the rates are in Pesos
Hot dog (Congreso square area)----------$3,00
familiar size pizza --------------------------------$ 7/15
"Tenedor libre" (salad bar) -------$ 19 w/drink
stake with salad and drink from -----------$ 30

transportation cost

subway -------------------------------------------------$ 0.90
Bus in town ------------------------------------------$ 0.90

Taxi or Remis service in downtown -----$ 3.10 (minimum)

Bus from Buenos Aires- Puerto Madryn- $ 210.00

2. When is the best time to go?

It´s depend on what do you like to do... your age... Every season brings a lot of good Cultural activities and trips opportunities check: Buenos Aires tourism or contact me...

Business ethiquette says: Do not immediately begin discussing business, Small talk helps establish a rapport ( Romper el hielo... Entrar en confianza... Ganar la confianza) At this moment you should try to show you´re interested on Spanish language

3. Where is the best place to stay in the city? I want to stay some where that is central to pretty much everything but price is also a concern.
Best place always is downtown but Buenos Aires is developing nice areas like Palermo and San Telmo, also you have alternatives such Tigre weekends or short trips outside Buenos Aire visiting Estancias... But if you want to feel like a local think about Montserrat

Youth Hostel dorm from--------------------------------- $30
A simple hotel doble bed room---------------------- $90

Click Rent a room, furnished apartments, Hotels

 What are some of the coolest things to see and do?
Historic tourist attractions like " La Boca " or " Abasto " for Tango... Recoleta for History, arquitecture and art , Palermo is a trendy neigborhood, San Telmo mixes Tango and bohemians coffe shops...

Discos, Pubs and Night life is all year round...

Q: I´m doing some research and would like some help:
1.Typicall food/cooking and beverages from different provinces

* Humita,tamales, locro, guascha locro, empanadas, flan, anchi, escabeche, chanfaina, cabeza guateada, mazamorra, pastafrola, maicenitas (food), Chicha, mate, vino mistela (beverage), 
b) Misc adventures/sports (and NOT "ordinary" things such as hiking, mountain biking) to do in SA.

*Try playing Pato or Polo, bochas, football 5, ... Rafting
c) "Weird", typicall SA things to do (almost like "Fear Factor") that you can challenge your partner in.

farmer´s conflict in Argentina

* Visit a "piquete" (corte de ruta) and ask them about their demand and need ... Work hard a night or share the life of a "Cartonero", volunteering and visiting northern cities in Salta
d) Other "must dos" when in SA, but that is NOT in the guidebook.

*Learn to dance "EL Pericon" ... Learn to Play Truco, learn malambo, learn to play charango, learn to dance pin-pin...

"Caminante no hay camino ... se hace camino al andar"

Museum regular entrance fee: $3 (pesos), but they are free on
(Wednesday) MIÉRCOLES:
Museo CARLOS GARDEL, Jean Juares 735, Abasto.
Museo DE ARTE MODERNO, San Juan 350, San Telmo.
Museo DE LA CIUDAD , Alsina 1412.
Museo EDUARDO SIVORI, Avda. Infanta ISabel 555.
Museo HISTORICO DE LA CIUDAD, Crisólo Larralde 6309.

Museo de Arte Espanol Enrique Larreta,Av. Juramento 2291

Museo DE ARTE POPULAR J. HERNANDEZ, Avda. del Libertador 2373

Actual weather in Buenos Aires


Q:How's your favorite way to explore a city? Do you want to explore Buenos Aires with me? Read the examples:
On Saturday Recoleta: visit the cementery, cultural art center,church, BA design center,the market and Floralis big sculpture , tired and like music? Sit in the nice auditorium of the law school (facultad de Derecho) and enjoy a free concert at 4 or 6 pm, them take a bus till Malba museum.
On Sunday La Boca: caminito and Boca Jr. stadium them have lunch there watching some simple tango show while eating empanadas and good argentinian malbec wine. Paseo Colón, them walk and explore Parque Lezama & Museo Histórico Nacional, take Defensa st. till the market and antiques shop, take your time to sip a coffee listen the music, the market close at 6 pm, them keep walking along defenza and you´ll get to Plaza de Mayo where is Casa Rosada, Cabildo, the cathedral and Casa de la Cultura.
... book on advance!!!

Q: Where's your favorite place to watch a movie in Buenos Aires?
Confort and good sound= Village Recoleta
Q: Is there an older movie theater in BsAs that might be worth visiting for architectural or historic reasons?
I will not talk about a place...I will recommend a Club .. The Historic " EL CINE CLUB NUCLEO" from 1952 this association has movie premieres and promote cinema. For only $30 (argentinean pesos) a month We enjoy weekly at least 2 movies and there is a session of " cursed films" review (Goodmovie without commercial success:-)
Also Teatro San Martin (Avda. Corrientes 1530 ) host some tribute and seasons check:
Taking a Taxi

Q:How do I call a cab in BA in SPANISH w//o getting into a  conversation I will not understand as a Spanish beginner??

By Phone:

  Necesito un taxi (or remis) desde= From (your address) a= to (your destination.
Necesito un taxi desde Avenida Santa fe 000 a Defensa 00
Mi dirección es ...
Mi numero de telefono es... (They request it to confirm).
Demora= delay
To the taxi driver ( Chofer)
Necesitar = Need+ llegar a = To get to + ( st name and number)
( Yo) Necesito llegar a Avenida de Mayo 1271 ( you must to learn number... mil doscientos setenta y uno )
* Don´t try to make a chat in the begining with a taxi driver... they use a lot of Spanish slang and you´ll be on risk (if you took a cab in the street) during the conversation, He can hold you enough out of your way ... You´ll see at the end in the time clock....
  * Pay ALWAYS with small cash: sencillo ( A ride in downtown at night is around 10-15 pesos)... fake money can be back in your change ( Vuelto or Cambio)
and study the map to make sure we are not taking " the long" way ??
... YES Take a little time and check the map, I recommend to pay $4 for a little " GUIA T" (transportation complete guide).
All the turist atraction points are well comunicate with buses and subway those are good alternative and safe, If you´re not in a hurry or at night.
In fact, Downtown Buenos Aires is better for walking trips.
Q:By the way, what would I say if we are going the long ( wrong) way?
If you feel safe try to stop and say: Acá, Por Favor (here, please) ....and indicate with your finger ...
Whereever the circunstance... Show you decided to get out of the car them ask help to a "policia" are always ready to help with address and turist info, or
Also turist Police number for Free call: 08009992838
* If you feel confused with your "Guia T" don´t hesitated to look for me and I´ll oriented you... :-)

Ester Carrizo * Spanish teacher *